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Top 8 Reasons for Choosing Us

Why should you choose Sosyop to engage your visitors?

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Top 8 Reasons for Choosing Us


Here are the key reasons why we are best placed to engage your visitors.

  1. Beautiful UI and great UX: Your customers will love the look and feel of Sosyop's notifications.
  2. Easy installation: Simple and one code integration. 
  3. Multiple types of widgets: Choose from multiple types of ready to use messages. Sosyop has 24 different social proof messages.
  4. Unlimited impressions: That is right, sky is the limit. Free lifetime social proof / FOMO service.
  5. Control the notifications: Personalize your notifications with your own settings.

  6. Choose when and where to show notifications: Highly configurable triggers and display options.



  7. Add your own touch: You can change the look and feel to match with your website.


  8. Statistics: Get great statistics and setup automated conversions trackers.



You have a lot of goals and your website is stronger than you think, you just need a small support of Sosyop Social Proof Platform!

We are here for you to;

All of the features are free for lifetime. Don't miss this limited time offer. Let's get started


Last updated on: 15 May, 2020
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