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What is Sosyop?

Sosyop is a powerful social proof marketing platform which helps website owners engage visitors with ready to use messages. 2 minutes read

Getting Started?

Sosyop is a powerful Social Proof Platform.

What is Sosyop?

Sosyop is a ready to use toolkit with marketing tools and pop-ups to create FOMO, in other words, Social Proof to engage your website visitors. The price to run campaigns like these approximately cost about $500/year from other companies. So, don't you want to save $500 a year by choosing Sosyop social proof platform? Limited time offer! Free lifetime social proof / FOMO service. 


How Sosyop works?

  1. User signs up: Website owners can sign up freely.
  2. Connecting your website: Website owners connect their website by adding one line of JS code before their website's </head>
  3. Creating notification: Website owners easily customize ready to use notifications to match with their website.
  4. The end: All their notification will be shown up on the site. The conditions and timing can be specified by the website owners.
  5. Reporting: After a while, website owners can easily follow up their notification from Sosyop's dashboard.


Why should you choose Sosyop?












What are the examples of Sosyop's notifications?

Sosyop has 24 different social proof notifications. Here are some of them;











You have a lot of goals and your website is stronger than you think, you just need a small support of Sosyop Social Proof Platform!

We are here for you to;

All of the features are free for lifetime. Don't miss this limited time offer. Let's get started


Last updated on: 15 May, 2020
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